Consumer Experience with Plan B

I’m so so so happy and very pleased to announce that a survey I have been working on with my colleague is finally up and running. This is the first national survey of consumer experiences with Plan B (emergency contraception, the morning after pill, EC — NOT RU-486 or the abortion pill or mifi).

Our goal is to survey as many women as possible, ages 18-44, who have used Plan B in since it went over-the-counter in late 06/early 07. We are investigating issues of use, access to EC, experience with the medication, and subsequent behaviors. The survey takes about 7 minutes to complete.

If you have taken EC or know anyone who has, please take the survey and forward it on (feel free to use Facebook, Myspace, etc.).

The link for the survey is: http://surveys.aed.org/PlanBsurvey/

Also, if you have a website or blog, I would simply love you forever if you would post a button that links to the survey in your sidebar. The survey opens in a separate window so your faithful readers won’t be led astray from your site.

Html code for linking with an image (artfully designed by Brian Campbell) are here: http://www.offedge.com/planb/code.html

Please spread the word. Our goal is 2,000 responses but the potential exists for thousands more! Also, you can enter to win $150 Target card if that makes the deal any sweeter.


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