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Yeah, I know people…

It’s nice to know famous people…or in this case, people with famous hands.

Through only one degree of separation, I know Colleen, a fantastically creative gal who works in the publishing biz. Colleen was bored at work and made a video about one of Roaring Brook’s new books, ABC3D by Marion Bataille. The video was picked up by a typography blog and from there it got lots of hits via YouTube. On Tuesday, the video was featured on all MySpace user’s homepages. Now, thanks to Colleen’s fancy hand(wo)manship and fab selection of a soundtrack, the video has launched advanced sales of the new book (that doesn’t come out until October) so much so that it is now ranked #41 on’s bestseller list (for ALL books, not just kids books!).

Anyway, it looks like just about the damn coolest way to learn the alphabet EVER.

Wahoo, Colleen!


KEXP is coming to NYC!

And I am oh-so excited! See this page for more info.


Grrrl Rock

“Girls Rock! The movie” was released yesterday. I’m VERY excited about this movie. Reviews have been so-so, but the trailer moved me to tears. And, of course, Carrie from S-K is involved, so I’ve got to see it.

The movie is basically a documentary following the Rock Camp for Girls in the Northwest. A number of other camps exist around the nation and the website has tons more information.
Advanced tix can be purchased on their website:

I love the trailer, and I’m now inspired to name my daughter Palace. Because any girl of mine needs to be fierce indeed!


Quote of the Day: Gee, I never thought of politics like that!

Robin Morgan recently put out a statement in support of Hillary. In it she said the following:

I support her because she’s refreshingly thoughtful, and I’m bloodied from eight years of a jolly “uniter” with ejaculatory politics.

The full text of her statement can be found here.


Is there an Echo in here?

For the record, Echo, I would not walk past you. Come to mama.


Time to PLUG-in

Voting is open for the annual PLUG awards. These awards honor artists in the independent music community, and fans worldwide are eligible to vote. The culminating event is a big show featuring some of the bands in NYC (I’m anxiously awaiting the announcement), and they also do smaller shows across the country. Follow this link to cast your votes! (I particularly appreciate the separate categories of “general” and “obsessive.”)

Relatedly, all of this makes me think of the recent articles from Wired magazine about the music industry. One, written by David Byrne, investigates how the industry is changing with the advancement of the internet and digital technologies. It also looks at the varieties of artist/label contract variations and their limits on creativity — with an important note as to how these limits can be impacted when technology changes. The second article consists of Byrne interviewing Thom Yorke about Radiohead’s legendary (and widely successful?) internet release of their latest album, In Rainbows. Byrne and Yorke discuss the trade-offs of their decision as well as how they were uniquely positioned as a band to make such a drastic move.

Reading these articles, frequenting communities like Hype Machine, listening to KEXP, watching friends’ shows, and obsessing over Pitchfork all has me feeling relatively peachy about the state of independent music. I’ve been mulling over this post for a long time, and trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to say. The bottom line is that I know there are a lot of curmudgeons out there who are lamenting the doom of the music industry and the lackluster performance of some of their favorite artists in 2007. But I think Byrne’s articles, and the quickly growing (and fanatically obsessive) online independent music community is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been exposed to more artists in the past year and a half than ever before, and it has been exhilarating. I occasionally get concerned that I pay too much attention to singles and not enough on the art-form of the album. But one of my (many) new year’s resolutions is to focus more on albums, and I’ve started this year with a little iTunes and emusic shopping (Kate Nash, New Pornographers, Jens Lekman, and St. Vincent — all simply fantastic purchases).

So, thanks, PLUG, and every other online community/website/forum devoted to spreading the gospel that is good independent music. You made me that much more giddy that when unpacking my new stereo I contemplated whether it was even necessary to plug in that FM antenna.


Blogerette to Blogerette Shout-Out

Thanks, Feministe, for posting about our Plan B survey AND adding a sidebar button! The latest tally shows over 875 responses!

If you would like to post a sidebar button on your webpage or blog follow this link. If you would like more information about the survey, please use the contact form at the top of this page. Thanks!

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