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Siggy Goes Down South

Get your mind out of the gutter! (Although, perhaps Siggy would prefer you keep it there!) A few weekends ago we had an impromptu 15 hour road trip (each way) down to Franklin, NC — courtesy of that snow storm that canceled 900 flights in the Northeast. We seized the opportunity and took Siggy with us as we drove our rented Impala (laaaiiid back, with my mind on my money and my money….oh geez) across the Mason-Dixon line.

This episode of Siggy’s Adventures is brought to you from Malaprops Bookstore in Asheville, NC. Seems so apropos!


Sigmund’s Adventures: Episode 2 (Saturday Debauchery)

Siggy traveled with us this weekend to a birthday celebration at Tribe. His grimace was in rare form as he surveyed the consumed beverages and dancing females with typical scorn.

Freudian fact: Freud considered wit to be a classic, and perhaps the best example, of sublimation. Sublimation, one of our defense mechanisms, is the process by which we turn a repressed desire into something positive or beneficial. So, for example, someone who suffered some sort of abuse and then decides to spend their life work crusading for victims of that abuse (ahem, Detective Olivia Benson of SVU, heehee). In terms of wit, Freud considered this form of humor to be sublimating because it is creative and intellectual humor based on the expression of unpopular or perhaps somewhat crass opinions (basically, the art of saying what everyone else was thinking but the end result is laughter rather than bruised…egos).


Sigmund’s Adventures: Episode 1 (King of Queens)

For Christmas JPR and I had little stockings hanging on my bookshelf that we periodically filled with little goodies (Hershey’s Kisses, mini rubber duckies, fortune telling fish, Hot Wheels cars, baseball cards, etc.). Well, one day, a Sigmund Freud finger puppet appeared in my stocking. Even more exciting, he’s got a magnet in his noggin’ so he can be stuck a variety of places. Thus, we’ve decided that pocket-size Sigmund should travel with us as much as possible, and that we’ll chronicle his adventures here.

In episode 1, Sigmund takes a trip into Manhattan on a Friday night via the E train to accompany us on our Happy Hour bender and spout the wisdom of libidinal stages to all who would listen…

JPR suggested that I should also ad a nugget ‘o Freudian knowledge (or tidbits about psychoanalysis in general) to each one of these posts, and I think that’s just a fantastic idea.

Freud’s Fun Facts #1: Freud’s first foray (just can’t resist) into academia was a period of time in which he searched for male organs of eels and published a paper, “The testicles of eels,” where he documented his frustration at being unable to find much more about eel testicles (apparently a biological mystery) than his predecessors. It would seem that this frustration about eel testicles may have spawned (har har) his later research about frustration and human testicles. As Freud himself would say, after all, there are no accidents.

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