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Been admiring that hairdo?…You betcha!

A friend of mine, Kelly, is hosting this event next weekend. I’ll be helping out and would love to see you there! Please link back or send to friends to help get the word out. Even the Guardian picked up the story!! Wahoo!

The details:

Hey there,

I wanted to remind you of the event “UpDos for Obama” on Sat Oct. 18th. Because there’s been some confusion, I wanted to let you know that if you want to participate in the contest $75 bones allows you to choose from 3 Sarah Palin UpDos (“The Maverick,” “The Reformer”, & “The Huntress”) and puts you in the running to enter the look-a-like GRATIS, but if you are low on funds and choose to come with your own updo, $25 enters you into the competition as well. This is in no way to dissuade you from getting an updo, but if your friends wanna come and are afflicted by the economy this is an alternative…also there’s hooch!!!!

This prize should be really great and I encourage everyone to get there between 7 & 7:45 to ensure a spot in the updo extravaganza. I look forward to seeing you there and by all means PASS THIS ALONG TO YOUR COWORKERS, SPOUSES, RELATIVES WHO THINKS THE SP UPDO IS FLATTERING and help workin’ folk insure that obtuse, small minded gov’t stays out of our hair!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER ALL PROCEEDS GO TO OBAMA!



Racist Roundup: Just in case you thought race wasn’t an issue…

This morning I read an article in the Times about how the democrats fear of “The Bradley Effect” is unwarranted, that racism won’t play as big of a role in this election as we fear. However, my own personal experience and my studies as a social psychologist have me more than a bit weary about what happens when people go behind that voting booth curtain. I was feeling relieved though, after reading the article…but then I shifted to the Internet and found the following…

This guy says that the Left started it (I believe the eloquent term of fucktard commies is used. Classy!)

[Full post here]

Then there’s the innocent sock-monkey

[NY Mag post with response from the makers about the “affectionate” association between Obama and a monkey]

And really, who could be upset about a storybook character?

[Full article]

An article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the newest line of attacks: here.

And finally, a video of how racism gets veiled…

Even civil servants with established positions in the McCain campaign are jumping into the frey. Bobby May, treasurer of the Buchanan County (VA) Republican party and member of McCain and Palin’s leadership team published a story in a newspaper (click here for full article) that summed up Obama’s position on a variety of issues. Intelligent examples include: hiring Ludacris to paint the White House black and putting pictures of Oprah on currency. Seriously?

Overall, however, I think this brings up two important issues. First, John McCain and Sarah Palin need to speak out against this at their rallies. No politician can control what their extremist supporters do during their free time, but when they drum up support at rallies where explicitly racist or violent things are shouted then it is their responsibility to say something to stop it. America is a nation of immigrants and diversity, anyone who is going to lead it needs to be open and accepting. Above and beyond that, any public official representing the United States needs to firmly disavow such comments. Frank Rich argues this point much more eloquently (here).

Second, these comments are just ignorant. One right-wing blogger pointed out that there are “Abort Palin” shirts and various things showing her being punched in the face. These are sexist and dangerous as well, and just as ignorant. As David Brooks pointed out in his column today in the Times, the McCain-Palin ticket is depending on a new kind of class warfare, one that is creating a division that is not based on overarching political platforms or fiscal policy, but one that capitalizes on ignorance and fear-mongering.

Finally, as a side note, I’ve been completely absorbed by George Lakoff’s “Political Mind” this weekend. He uses cognitive psychology to essentially explain how there are two moral frames at work in society, a conservative and a progressive, and shows how emotions and our unconscious essentially underlie and build these frames within our minds. As a result, it is perfectly conceivable — though inherently irrational — that a person can vote for someone who espouses interests that do not match their own. It is helping me understand how so many lifelong democrats that I know who supported Hillary are jumping ship. And it is helping me understand what I can say that they will actually listen to. I highly recommend it.


Tax plans…

I’m really tired of hearing the completely debunked “Obama has voted to raise your taxes 94 times” line coming from the McCain camp. We all know well enough that voting on legislation is never cut and dry, or black and white as the conservatives would have us think. Bills are complex, and a yea or nay vote may often be due to a single line that will influence future legislation, etc. Anyway, many of you have seen the Washington Post chart that breaks down the tax plans. If you haven’t, here it is: (Full article here)


Don’t believe the hype!

This weekend I went to a birthday party for a close friend of mine. Seeing as how it was supposed to be a celebration full of good times I decided ahead of time to leave my soap-box-hopping-self at home (she’d get her chance out this Thursday at a VP debate party). Let’s face it though…nobody’s perfect. There were a few points where I simply couldn’t keep quiet because the hot air was getting t0o intense. Here are a few highlights from the evening:

1) Male #1: “John McCain is a respectable man.”

Male #2: “Yeah, he really is.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what? He’s respectable?”

Males #1 and #2: “Of course.”

Me: “The dude left his wife!”

Male #1: “Your going to hold a guy to something he did 40 years ago? None of us would pass that test.”

Actually, YES I’m going to hold him to something he did 28 years ago! In particular, I’m going to do this because for some reason we all consider him accountable and HEROIC for his actions 35 years ago. So, I say, if you are going to hail someone for their actions on one front then let’s not turn the other cheek when they do a no-no. Granted, one action involves “national heroism” and the other is a personal matter; but in my opinion both reflect on how this man treats others and both contribute to his degree of respectability.

Interestingly enough, I know many people who would pass that 40 year test, many respectable people. I wonder, could John McCain be the candidate for those of us with a sketchy past? Is that another side of his appeal? John McCain: I’m not an east coast liberal elitist; No, I’ve been there just like you; Hell, I even cheated on my wife who was a swimsuit model with a rich woman who was 18 years younger and married her only a month after my divorce. See, I’m JUST like you (or how you wish you could be).

2) “Obama will raise my taxes. In fact, if my parent’s leave me their house he’ll tax that inheritance 50%! I don’t believe in income redistribution of any sort, Obama is a Marxist socialist.”

Ok, this one might take a minute. First of all, that is not Obama’s tax plan. Maybe this person’s information came from that widely-circulated-bogus-email-with-absolutely-no-references-or-sources-cited (big Sarah Palin finger wag from the social science researcher!). Though I’m not economics professor, from what I understand Obama would tax certain properties at a maximum rate of 45%, however, these properties are valued at at least $3.5 million or more. For a NON-PARTISAN breakdown of Obama and McCain’s tax plans see here.

Second, income redistribution is already happening, just in the reverse direction. We are witnessing a rapidly growing divide between the have and the have-nots and a whithering of the middle-class as a result of high debt, shoddy mortgages, and the general increase in the cost of living.

The richest 2.8 million Americans had $950 billion after taxes, or 15.5 percent, of the $6.2 trillion economic pie in 2000, Isaac Shapiro, a senior fellow at the center, said. The poorest 110 million Americans had less, sharing 14.4 percent of all after tax money.[NYTimes]

Clearly, through the use of tax breaks, incentives, and loopholes our income IS being redistributed…to the top. So, one can believe or not believe in income redistribution all they want, but the bottom line is that it is taking place, just in a rather unfair direction.

Finally, Marx would be rolling over in his grave. Obama may have progressive ideas but he’s definitely no Marxist.

3) “Sarah Palin is a strong woman.”

I have no doubt that that lipstick-wearing-pit-bull-hockey-mom exists inside of Sarah Palin. No doubt whatsoever. What pisses me off is that the McCain campaign won’t let us see it! As Campbell Brown so deftly noted in her rant, the treatment of Sarah Palin by her own campaign is sexist. They are keeping her under wraps and out of all the big-boy talks and sitting beside her all father-figure style when she does speak without the aid of a teleprompter. However, as Rebecca Traister of Salon argues, being a “strong woman” does not mean you are ready or qualified to be second in command of our country. Moreover, she continues, the pity party by liberals and conservatives needs to stop because Sarah Palin got herself into this mess just as much as anybody else (remember she said that when tapped for the VP nom she “didn’t blink”).

In other news:

  • Cary Tennis skillfully uses a well-known concept in personality theory (the “authoritarian personality”) to explain what is so gosh-darn frustrating about Ms. Palin.

As an authoritarian type, she strikes us as a person who prefers power to reason. The people running John McCain’s campaign seem to instinctively understand the uses to which such an impression can be put. Perhaps they know better than we do how deeply the American people long to be done with the problem of democracy, to yield to a powerful father-mother pair of authoritarians.

  • Did you know that Sweden had the VERY SAME economic crisis we did about 15 years ago? They handled it in such a way that they can now offer all citizens 4 weeks of paid vacation, universal healthcare, and the best materinity (and paternity! oy!) leave in the world! Politicians take note!
  • They are all full of shit, this much we know. Want to know exactly how BOTH candidates are “spinning”? Check out
  • Still looking to be appalled? Well, check out Feministe for reports on a Louisiana state representative who came up with the idea of paying poor women to get sterilized (he realized that all those Katrina victims were a financial burden to the state!) AND offering incentives to rich people to have babies. I sure am glad we tossed Eugenics out the window; oh, wait a second. There’s also a link to an article in which Ann Coulter identifies the REAL problem of the mortgage crisis: poor black and brown people. She even goes so far as to say that mortgages were handed out based on whether you “had a good jump shot.”
  • And, finally, to end on a more cheerful note…Shana Tova! Happy New Year!

file under “delighfully inappropriate”

someecards and the daily show are the only things keeping me sane…


The Sarah Palin Drinking Game

Ok, so I wasn’t going to hate on her anymore, seeing as how SHE’S NOT FIRST ON THE TICKET. But yo, this interview is just all kinds of awful. Agree with her and/or her party’s platform or not, but this was just B-A-D bad.

1 drink = not answering any question

2 drinks = “uhm”, “erm”, “ahh” or other guttural noise

3 drinks = Alaska

4 drinks = “terrorists” or “terrorism”

5 drinks (aka floor) = use of the word “savior” (as in America cannot be the savior for all other countries)
*For full effect, watch all parts of interview and repeat. Be warned though, you may not make it all the way through before tossing your biscuits.

FYI Sarah,
1. My mom and dad did not give me a backpack and a passport and send me off to Europe after I graduated. I went to Walgreens and got the damn thing myself.
2. “Track Record” on the economy: McCain’s is NOT GOOD.
3. I hate your glasses and the fact that they are making a fashion statement.
4. If you want to lift your finger and talk political winds you should review your running mate (i.e. the FIRST person on the ticket) and his record of CHANGE. as in changing one’s mind.
5. America has not FOUND itself on a road to a depression. It has been PUT there by sleazy investment bankers. Quit messin’ with the rhetoric. And quit thinking you can dupe me with the same type of fear threats that got us into Iraq.
6. FYI “Congress” is actually pointing the finger at BUSH.
7. The maverick bit is NOT working.
8. I have to give some respect though. I’ve never seen such variety with non-specific answers. Seriously. I thought politicians could only go so far but the bar has been raised. Or lowered. Welcome to the age of non-specificity my friends.

If I keep going I’ll just end up very drunk and waste a perfectly decent bottle of wine.


Today’s Picks

Feministing notes the anti-feminist hypocrisy rampant in the treatment of Sarah Palin. Dude, where were these women when Hillary was up there? Tsk.

More on Feministe about the rape-kit controversy and why it matters to all women.

In an article that is a bit more “cognitive” than I normally go, questions why voter’s cling to “their” candidates even in the face of disheartening information (e.g. LIES).

And, for this one, the title says it all: Bankrupt AIG underwrote McCain’s “Reform Institute”

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