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There is no “X” in ESpresso!

So, my new office is Starbucks. Say what you will about my support of corporate takeover, but I’ve found the almost-best Starbucks in NYC. It is what I will term a “commuter” Starbucks. There is a steady stream of customers, but you will never be more than third in line, and, since it is mainly commuters (people who grab their non-fat-no-whip-peppermint-mocha-extra-shot-with-room and go) there are PLENTY of seats — 4 of which are cushiony easy chairs of the sort that would never fit in my humble abode.

There are also many outlets. And outlets are tre important for a person whose new office is Starbucks (me).

So, why the almost-best rating? Well, two main issues: first, I’ve noticed the drinks don’t burn my tongue. Now, I’m not usually in the habit of preferring a scalding drink, but I want to know that if I don’t let it sit there for a few minutes it will most definitely have me smarting. I need it to be piping hot so that I can butter my bagel (and I mean that to not be taken dirty-like) and then enjoy my first sip of warm beverage. Instead, it is sippable from the start! No, no, no. What are they teaching in barista school these days? I just might have to say something, now that I’m a regular and all.

Second: it is FREEZING. Since moving north I have come to appreciate the double-door invention and the creation of little temperature huts outside of restaurants and cafes. These foyer type contraptions serve to hold off a bit of the brisk wind (today about 35 degrees) from those of us who are inside trying to enjoy our nosh and coffee. And at almost-perfect-Starbucks there is full potential for a buffer zone. The door frame is there and everything. I think I’ll just have to resort to bringing a blanket.

I digress.

But I would like to plug that this year, let’s forget about the Macy’s and Gap giftcards and get me some Starbuck-bucks. Think of it as fueling my creative genius. Or supporting corporate greed. Whatever floats your boat.


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