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Women’s History Month

…and I haven’t done my part.

But yesterday, while lecturing in class, I asked my students how many knew who Gloria Steinem was. Out of a class of 50 undergrads, 2 raised their hands. In a moment of exasperation I lowered my head and said “this is the disconnect the first wavers are talking about!” — that was met with blank stares. Anyway, while spending a few days lecturing on whether Freud was dead, I found myself walking home and thinking, is feminism dead? Between the recent articles pronouncing the end of women’s studies, and the battle for existing women’s studies departments to retain their autonomy, it seems as though the importance of feminism and women’s studies is being missed. The ironic part of it is that we are also in a historical moment where a woman and black man are the leading candidates for president and it is becoming increasingly clear that gender bias is somehow more tacitly accepted than race bias.

Feminism, and women’s studies, opened the gates for a variety of other disciplines that problematize the myriad of other “-isms” we face: queer studies, race studies, critical theory, and feminist tons of feminist (re)interpretations and (re)presentations of theories and fields conceptuatlized by men/patriarchy (ahem, Freud).

So, I came across this video, posted on’s Broadsheet. It is a new promo video for the Feminist Majority Foundation. I think it’s funny that part of making feminism “ok” or “cool” is to make sure we say that feminists have good sex. But whatever. I suppose we are, after all, a society fairly obsessed with sex, even though we know that feminists have better relationships.

Oh, and this video provides yet another reason for loving Ugly Betty and its cast.

And you know how after a YouTube video plays it always shrinks down and has along the bottom a series of other related videos? Well, I found this next one which was inspiring and led me to the parent site “Antigone Magazine



Sigmund’s Adventures: Episode 2 (Saturday Debauchery)

Siggy traveled with us this weekend to a birthday celebration at Tribe. His grimace was in rare form as he surveyed the consumed beverages and dancing females with typical scorn.

Freudian fact: Freud considered wit to be a classic, and perhaps the best example, of sublimation. Sublimation, one of our defense mechanisms, is the process by which we turn a repressed desire into something positive or beneficial. So, for example, someone who suffered some sort of abuse and then decides to spend their life work crusading for victims of that abuse (ahem, Detective Olivia Benson of SVU, heehee). In terms of wit, Freud considered this form of humor to be sublimating because it is creative and intellectual humor based on the expression of unpopular or perhaps somewhat crass opinions (basically, the art of saying what everyone else was thinking but the end result is laughter rather than bruised…egos).

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