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A Surplus of Status

I’ll admit that I’m mildly disturbed by how pervasive Facebook has become in my daily life. Most notably I find myself constantly thinking, “Ha, that would make a nice status message.” And since today has been such a busy day (even without leaving the apartment!) I’ll provide you with the following.

Valerie is:

– addressing holiday cards and listening to “v-fu christmas volume 1” courtesy of JPR.

– pretty sure she annoyed JPR this sunday (and the last 13 sundays) by asking a series of questions along the lines of “But in football, why don’t they ______?”

– certain she’ll never understand football.

– not happy with her cats for knocking over her perfectly delightful little christmas tree at 6:45 this morning…but surprised that it took 10 days before it finally hit the floor.

– finding it amusing that she and JPR won’t actually play scrabble using an actual game board but will play scrabble on facebook’s “scrabulous” program while being 5-10 feet apart.

– happy that it snowed today, but not sure she’ll be able to move the car tomorrow because she is scared of ice.

– wondering if lynette scavo’s family is alive after a tornado hit wysteria lane because even though she hasn’t watched DH since season 1 that blood-curtling scream by a talented felicity huffman had her interest piqued enough to tune in for the last half hour. and she’s also proud of susan for putting her foot down. and also noticing how every primetime family drama is now taking up the issue of addiction to painkillers…at least among rich white people.

– absolutely terrifed about the new show premiering in january that uses lie detectors and forces people to tell secrets on national television.

– disturbed that reality tv and “game” shows can get away with social science that legit social scientists could never ethically do.

– wishing she could bake a batch of Noa’s delicious pumpkin cookies.

– aware that making a New Year’s resolution last year to do holiday cards this year is pretty silly but justifies it because: a) it’s best to start small and b) most resolutions are abandoned within the first three weeks, and this one is immune to that!

– ooo, eee, ooo-ah-ah, ting, tang, walla-walla-bing-bang.


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