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the good, the bad, and the fugly

Well, I’ve been home for a good three days now. I ventured out once to “teach” (and by teach I mean supervise small-group work with what little voice I have left), and today to pick up some copies and accompany JPR to his first “Freedom” haircut (Freedom is my stylist and she is Freenomenal).

I’ve come to the following conclusions: 1) Strep throat SUCKS (those little buggers to the right is currently wreaking havoc on my throat); 2) I don’t need Nostradamus to tell me civilization is coming to an end, a few hours of MTV is enough to tell me that; 3) Law and Order is ciminally addictive (pun intended) but I may have found a fatal flaw.

First of all: MTV.

Oi, what can I say? I turned it on during a brief Law and Order hiatus on USA Network and watched a few episodes of “Made” followed by “Next.” Now, if you were a previous reader of the old LRC then you know I’m a fan of Made. Let’s face it: adolescence sucks. MTV acknowledges it (though not the extent to which they make it suck even more by pushing products and images on that vulnerable population) and throws a little money toward lowly and inadequate teens to help them spruce themselves up against. It’s the basic triumph over adversity; how could I dislike that? They provide a forum for Tariq Nasheed (author of “The Art of Mackin” and “Play or Be Played”) to help out the adorably awkward acne-prone and bespectacled self-proclaimed geek lose 40 lbs and get a date for the prom. A few products are pimped, jokes are made at the geek’s expense, he gets a makeover, a self-esteem boost, and all is right with the high-school world. I have no beef.

But what follows these wonderful examples of persistence and determination: god-awful drivel, that’s what. A few episodes of “Next” will have you scratching your head and actually considering supporting Eugenics if it shifts its focus to plastic bimbettes and meatheads. The basic premise is that a single guy or gal has five potential dates selected for them. One by one, the dates emerge from the Next bus to meet the hopeful singleton. They are timed for how long they last on the date, eventually they get “Nexted” and the date is over and they move to the next person — but they get $1 for each minute they last. And if the guy or gal likes them and offers them a second date (usually after about an hour or so), they can either have the second date or take the money and run (approx $60-70). Between this show and “Parental Control” I basically want to bury my head in the sand. I’m no fool, I know most of this stuff is made up and that the writers come up with have the shite they say, but really. It’s absurd. They are extremely vulgar and insult each other in such horrible ways. The guys are only concerned about T&A and whether she’s gonna be able to handle their “wood” and I can’t even figure out what the girls are about. Plastic, that’s it.

It’s just awful.

Now for my second observation. I love Law and Order. Criminal Intent, SVU, you name it, I love it. And Vincent D’Onofrio is just spectactular. I now affectionately refer to him as “Sherlock F*@&#in D’Onofrio.” However, I started to notice a disturbing trend that began with Cynthia Nixon’s guest appearance on the season opener of SVU. She played a person suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder who killed her parents as retribution for years of severe childhood abuse. However, at turns out she was faking it. What upset me initially was that psychology (and my dear BD Wong) got the shaft. But after watching a few more episodes, I began to notice that a number of the culprits tend to be crazy psycho bitches.

So I am wondering if there’s a potential feminist rant here, or if I’m being oversensitive. After all, Casey Novak is one hell of a DA and has Judith Light as her boss, so there’s some prime examples of women rockin’ it. And perhaps they are just capitalizing on our fears. After all, don’t we expect women to be motherly and protective? Therefore, when they kill, it might be easier or expected to portray them as manipulative and/or psychotic. I’m really not sure. And, I did notice that a number of the men (the few that I’ve seen so far) who are the ultimate culprit end up being weak and pathetic, which would be the counter-stereotype for the male figure. So perhaps that’s all there is to the story. My verdict remains to be determined. I’m at about the 34-minute mark of an hour episode: I’ve noticed a trend, begun gathering evidence, and am awaiting the inevitable plot twist. Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong.


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